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If you suffer from stress, anxiety, worry, lack of confidence or self esteem,
or you would like to learn stress reduction techniques such as meditation,
manifesting your goals, gratituded, positive living
I provide an inspiring range of classes, courses, workshops & events
in mindfulness, health & wellbeing, sound healing, personal and spiritual development,
Tameana crystal healing, authentic Usui Reiki healing,
as well as taking part in events & retreats
I also provide a range of one-on-one consultations & treatments
in Sound Healing, Reiki, Crystal healing,  Tameana Pleadian healing,
Positive Mind Coaching & Clinical Hypnotherapy
along with.

My Sacred Earth shop sells a range of healing crystals,
sound healing instruments, incense and ritual items,
(Online shop coming soon)


Earth Sounds© Group Sound Healing

A Divine meditation experience. Relax and immerse yourself in the sacred healing sound frequencies of large gongs, Himalayan singing bowls, Metallophone, Shamanic drum, Amazon flute, Ocean drum and other enchanted sound healing instruments expertly played live as your mind transcends to the Theta state of deep meditation for stress reduction, clearing blockages and profound self-healing of mind, body & spirit ..

Six Principles of Daily Life

An empowering personal & Spiritual development workshop series providing a path to inner peace, health & happiness.  Learn how to effortlessly welcome each of the Six Principles into your daily life for the natural wellbeing of mind, body & spirit.  To be studied in no particular order or sequence .. as and when you are drawn to ..


Certificate in Mindfulness Meditation

Learn simple but effective and proven techniques to reduce stress, calm the mind and live a mindful,  healthy & positive life. 

This workshop has earned a reputation for creating confident, independent meditators!

Meditation Teacher Training in Ireland

My Certificate in Teaching Mindfulness & Inner-self  Meditation equips you with the knowledge and skills you need to set up your practise as a confident and capable meditation teacher ..

Earth Sounds(c) Facilitator Training - Foundation Cert. in Sound Healing (Sound Healing Practitioner Level 1)

This inspiring weekend of study will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to lead your own Earth Sounds© Sound Bath Meditation groups and treat self, family and friends individually with Himalyan singing bowls.  Practitioner Levels 2 & 3 available in 2019.  Contact me for the course brochure and begin your journey with sacred sounds ..

Online Shop

Selling a range of healing crystals, sound healing instruments, incense and ritual items, himalayan salt lamps and products, and natural & handmade gifts and clothing at holistic fairs and special events.  Online shop will be open soon!

About Me

I am an Earth Spirit, a former Software Engineer, College Lecturer,  Eco-Architect and Spiritual Teacher, Author and Musician from Australia who has returned home to Ireland, the land of my Ancestors in 2013. 

With an ongoing thirst for knowledge my lifetime studies include Diploma in Information Technology, Certificate IV in Assessment & Workplace Training, Bachelor of Arts (Training & Development), Diploma of Architectural Design & Technology, Vedic Meditation, Dowsing & Earth energies and much more. 

During my architecture career I specialised in the environmentally-conscious design of solar passive unique natural homes made from natural materials of all kinds including earth, straw, timber & stone.

A pilgrimage to India where I learned meditation and studied Reiki healing, awakened something within and inspired me to study holistic healing.   I emigrated to Ireland in 2013 with my Irish husband where I discovered my Irish ancestry.   Continuing my work part-time as a Spiritual Teacher and healer I continued to study mind, body & spirit healing modalities.

My further study in Ireland included two Diplomas in Clinical Hypnotherapy, including Cognitive and Behavioural Hypnotherapy and Neuro-linguistic programming, along with further study in Family & Funeral Celebrancy, two Sound Healing Practitioner Certificates and Diploma, , advanced Gong Master training, Shamanic Drumming Sound Healing Therapy, Pleaidian Crystal Healing and Shamanic Practitioner studies.  

I now practise as a Sound Healing Practitioner, Spiritual Healer and Teacher,  Positive Mind Coach, Meditation Teacher leading groups and one-on-one coaching, along with work as a creative Ceremony Celebrant conducting wedding, baby naming & vow renewal ceremonies mainly during the summer months.

Sacred Earth College of Sound Healing is the culmination of my life’s work so far, and I will always seek to improve my knowledge and skills.  No matter what work I do, what inspires me the most is helping others to acheive their dreams …


Sharon Quigley



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