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  What..,relax and revitalise with
earth sounds© sound massage therapy

How Does It Work?

There has never been a better time to become a qualified sound therapy practitioner or nada yoga nidra therapist.  Perhaps you wish to combine the science of healing with sound with your existing skill set to help others.  Or you may be commencing your journey into the realms of energy healing and holistic health.  Or perhaps you want to help yourself to reduce stress and live a happy life, or help your friends and family.  Whatever reason you are here, it’s no mistake that you are reading this right now.

The universe will always bring you opportunities to learn the skills you have been drawn to at just the right moment, and it’s up to you to decide if your inner self, your “gut feeling” is telling you that it is now time for you to commence your journey into the inspirational realms and the science of healing with sound.

Earth Sounds© Sound Massage Therapy is a method of clinical treatment which utlises the science of healing with sound.  The effectiveness of the treatment is profound as the real sound frequencies and vibrations generated by real instruments (not recorded music) work unseen to combine with principles from energy therapies to work on the body’s subtle and physical energy system.  The result is the body’s own natural clearing of stuck and/or misplaced energies and/or blockages in energy flow all of which may be causing and/or contributing to various health issues in the physical or subtle bodies.  

With Earth Sounds© Sound Massage Therapy the therapist does not touch the body, it’s the sound frequencies which do the massage by their direct contact with both the physical and subtle bodies.  This is the reason why the therapy is called sound massage, or sonic massage.

There is a specific method to prepare for and commence the treatment, specially tuned and manufauctured metal himalayan therapy bowls are placed on and over the body in a specific sequence to synchronise with the body’s meridians and chakra energy centres.  The sequence is designed in such a way to calm the mind, balance and cleanse the body’s energy field to return the mind and body to a state of perfect harmony called homeostasis.  The subtle vibrations of the healing sound frequencies permeate the body at a cellular level to promote and assist with the cleansing and balancing of the “chi” or life-force energy throughout meridians, chakra centres and the body’s entire physical and energy systems.

Earth Sounds© Sound Massage Therapy Practitioners are also trained in biofield tuning with tuning forks and other instruments of their choice including chimes, gong and many others in order to enhance the healing effects of the sonic massage treatment to assist with certain conditions.

Earth Sounds(c) Nada Yoga Nidra Therapy is a transformational sound healing experience for group sound therapy, working outside the body for sound healing and sound therapy in groups.   The methods used for group work can also be used for individual treatment either as a transformational therapy on it’s own or to enhance the effects of a sonic massage clinical treatment.  A fusion of sound bath meditation, and yoga nidra guided meditation with the added transformative power of positive mind coach hypnotherapy for long lasting transformational effects on the mind for happiness, health and longevity.  

What can Nada Yoga Nidra Therapy be used for?  In a nutshell – removing negative beliefs and replacing them with positive beliefs for true transformational change.

Two Study Streams – Which One is For You? 

The Earth Sounds© method is one of the most comprehensive study programs for sound therapy in the world, combining ancient healing wisdom with the modern scientific approach which makes this course of study equally acceptable to medical professionals and holistic therapist alike.   Our course participants from all over Ireland, the UK and Europe include holistic therapists, yoga teachers, psychologist, psychiatrists, musicians, music therapists and people from all walks of life, wanting to learn for professional use or for their own personal development and to help family & friends.  We maintain the highest level of training quality standards gained from many years of teaching and holistic practice, along with a philosophy of kindness and respect which we embody within all of our teachings.

We are the authorised training provider in Ireland for the Earth Sounds© method of sound therapy for clinical treatment and group sound healing/therapy, and we are also the authorised training provider in Ireland for Earth Sounds Yoga Nidra Therapy©.

We give you the choice of two comprehensive Diploma study streams, our Earth Sounds© Practitioners Diploma for individual clinical treatment, and our Earth Sounds© Nada Yoga Nidra Teachers Diploma for sound therapy and guided meditation in groups. What you learn in our Nada Yoga Nidra Teachers Diploma can also be used to create or enchance individual clinical sound bath treatment experiences, and if you study both Diplomas you will also receive your Advanced Practitioner Diploma award.

If you are not yet sure which diploma to choose, we have already thought of you! Both diploma study streams have the same Level 1 module, which provides you with an introduction to both Diplomas. This means that on completion of your Level 1 module you will know exactly what path of study comes next for you.

A few words from our founder, Training Director & Senior Therapist Sharon Quigley:

“To discover more about each of our Diploma study streams, please see our Practitioner training page and it’s associated pages.   I would be honoured to work with you to guide you on your path to intuitive healing with the science and wonder of sound & vibrational therapy.”

A former Software Engineer, College Lecturer and Eco-Architect in her homeland Australia, Sharon has experienced telepathic channeling, communicating with nature, plants, trees and animals since a very young age.   Now based in Cork City, Ireland Sharon is a touring professional musician (piano, synth & hammond organ), RYT200 meditation & yoga teacher, spiritual channel healer, visionary and interfaith Minister.  Sharon also creates & conducts non-denominational ceremonies to mark life’s significant milestones including marriages and funerals and is currently a part-time contributing journalist for Blues Matters magazine UK.  No matter what work she does, what always inspires Sharon the most is helping others to acheive their dreams.

clinical treatment

One-on-one clinical treatments with Earth Sounds© sound massage therapy is a wonderful  addition to the offerings of all natural therapy, psychology, spa & beauty practitioners.

Use Earth Sounds© sound massage therapy for yourself, friends and family or use in a professional setting.


Sound Bath Meditation

Reduce stress, increase happiness and productivity with the healing frequencies and the science of sound. 

Earth Sounds© group sound bath meditation can be customised to suit the needs of any setting and size of group, combined with yoga and other group modalities for a unique experience.



Enhance your client offerings with the wonders of sound as medicine.

Practitioner training to Advanced Diploma level for the natural health and wellbeing professional wishing to integrate the science of sound within their existing practice or to commence a new life path.


How Do You Know if Earth Sounds© Sound Massage Therapy will be Right for Your Needs?

If you would like to help others to implement an effective strategy, to reduce stress, calm the mind and encourage health and wellbeing, for use with individual clients in clinical practice, or for events, retreats or in the workplace, Earth Sounds© Sound Massage Therapy or sound bath meditation is a perfect choice to enhance or commence your path in natural health & wellbeing offerings.

Earth Sounds© Sound Massage Therapy is an effective tool for reducing stress, calming the mind and increasing productivity by encouraging clearer and better thinking in day to day life.

Individual or groups

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Reduce stress

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Increase health & happiness

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Training can be scheduled at a day and time to suit you.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our training is subject to regular quality audits to ensure you receive the very best at all times.


Consultation available by appointment.

“I learned so much.  Very impressed!”

JD, Clonakilty

Sound Bath Meditation

“Amazing, I felt so relaxed.”

DW, Cork City

Sonic Massage Treatment

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