Sound Healing / Sonic Massage

Sound Healing / Sonic Massage

Sonic massage is the application of sound to the body for the purpose of stress reduction and clearing energy blockages on all levels of mind, body & Spirit.  This often results in profound and rapid healing.

If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.’– Nikola Tesla

Sound frequency healing has been used by the ancients as a means for both healing and human transformation.

Through the tribal shamans, to the Buddhist monks, all cultures have embraced this modality to alter consciousness, reduce stress, improve health & well being, and to create a deep sense of inner peace.

Sound and resonance healing therapies have been found to have the following health benefits:

  • equalize brain waves
  • increase the depth of breathing
  • slow the heart-beat and pulse
  • lower blood pressure
  • reduce muscle tension
  • increase circulation and endorphin production
  • boost immune function
  • improve memory and learning
  • increase endurance and productivity
  • strengthen digestion
  • decrease depression and more!

It is only now that our top quantum scientists are beginning to understand and quantify this process.

It’s growing success and popularity demonstrates that Sound Healing is quickly becoming an internationally accepted tool to assist in clearing energy blockages in order to transform mind, body & spirit.

We provide sonic massage therapeutic treatments using a range of sound healing instruments including Himalayan bowl, Gong, Tuning forks, Tingsha, Drum & Rattle.

We are also the training provider in Ireland for Earth Sounds© Certified Sonic Massage Practitioner training.

Authentic Usui Reiki

Authentic Usui Reiki

We teach the Authentic Usui Reiki System of Healing, as taught by Dr. Mikao Usui himself.  Our lineage comes from India and Japan and is the authentic method.  Discover this wonderful healing method which comes from the Universal Life Force which is all around us.  Contrary to what some Angel practitioners are teaching, Reiki healing does not come from the earth, Reiki energy comes from the sky.  The Universal Life Force is all around us.

We teach all levels from Level 1, First Degree through to Level 3/4 Master/Teacher.

Inner Self Meditation (ISM) Teacher Training

Inner Self Meditation (ISM) Teacher Training

Experienced meditators: Start your own business as a freelance teacher of meditation.  This two-day Certified intensive will show you everything you need to know about teaching Inner Self Meditation (ISM) either individually or in groups with plenty of opportunity to practice your newly learned skills along the way!

Learn how to develop your own meditation workshops and courses by combining meditation with many other activities and so much more!  This course is scheduled on demand, so register your interest right away by contacting us at sharon (at) sacredearthsoundhealing (dot) com or phone 085 831 3437


  • Certificate in Inner Self Meditation  (ISM) for Well-being or equivalent
  • A well-established regular practice of meditation

Course Includes:

  • History of meditation and mindfulness
  • What mindfulness really is
  • What meditation really is
  • The interdependency of meditation and mindfulness
  • The many styles of Inner Self Meditation (ISM)
  • Mandala Art & Meditation
  • Mantras and Chants
  • Guided meditation & hypnosis
  • Meditation in daily life
  • Examples of latest scientific research
  • Train the trainer
  • Developing your lesson plan
  • Defining learning outcomes
  • Assessment methods
  • Starting your own business
  • Sample guided meditations
  • and much more!

Fee: €375 or €200 low income.

Tameana Pleaidian Crystal Healing Practitioner/Teacher

Tameana Pleaidian Crystal Healing Practitioner/Teacher

Tameana Pleiaidian Crystal healing is profound vibrational work.  The technique was channelled from the Pleiadian source by Juan Miguel Giordana of Mexico in 2014.  Since that time it has become widely used throughout the world as a simple and effective energy healing method which can be easily taught in order to spread its use as far as possible.

With any symbols to memorise, all symbols are printed on cards or tiles making it a very easy healing system to learn.

Tameana can be combined with many other therapies to create an effective and simple solution to stress-related health problems.

Practitioner workshop for Level 1 is taught over 4-5 hours.

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