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Thursday June 27th Muddy Blues Trio Crane Lane Theatre 9pm
Musical sound healing of a different kind, I’ll be playing in the blues trio along with my hubby & guitarist Gerry and Muddy our lead singer/bass player.  Celtic blues, true music for the soul, laughs and madness is also possible.  Prepare to be captivated!  “Phil Lynott & Thin Lizzy. Quigley is one of that rare breed”-Blues Matters magazine UK.  Free Entry.

Friday June 28th Earth Sounds© Gong Yoga Nidra 7:30pm-9pm
Alchemy School of Yoga Unit 22, Westside Centre, Model Farm Road
Yoga nidra is a class with a difference. Gentle pranayama breathing meditation, Yogic guided meditation, sacred gong sound bath and gentle 432Hz harmonium chant to finish. Leaving you stress free, relaxed and renewed! €20/€15

Saturday June 29th New Moon Sacred Womens’ Circle plus! 6pm-9pm
Sacred Earth Yoga & Meditaiton studio
37 Great William O’Brien Street Blackpool Cork T23 NW96
Empowering you to believe in yourself, and trust your intutiont to guide you to manifest your goals and dreams. New moon is a time for letting go and bringing in new things into your life. Transformational guided meditation for clearing negativity and boosting your confidence. Includes inspiring “Manifestery” workshop, a vision board alternative, simplified and supercharged! With a focus is on buidling happiness, self confidence, health and wellbeing.  Includes sacred gong bath.  Finish with healthy snacks and herbal teas. Motivational, inspiring, uplifting. €35/€25

Monday July 1st Meditation & Mantra Mondays
Sacred Earth Studio
37 Great William O’Brien Street Blackpool T23NW96
Inner Self Meditation (ISM) along with Yoga Nidra (yogic guided meditation) and calming 432Hz harmonium mantra chanting. Every second Monday.  By donation of your choice, what you can afford.  €7.50 / €10 / €15 / ??

Bookings are essential for all classes
to book your place please call or text 085 831 3437.

Coming up for August:
Earth Sounds© Sonic Massage Diploma
6-day intensive – see website for details.

Scheduled on demand:
For any of my other workshops and classes please contact me to register your interest.  Sonic Massage Practitioner Diploma Levels 1, 2 and 3 and Advanced Diploma Levels 4 and 5 | Introduction to Meditation | Meditation Teacher Training | Mandala Art & Mindfulness | Manifestery-the Art of Manifestation Mastery | Gratitude Workshop | Happiness Workshop | Love & Kindness Workshop | Usui Reiki All Levels | plus more

Sound Healing / Sonic Massage

Sound Healing / Sonic Massage

Sonic massage is the application of sound to the body for the purpose of stress reduction and clearing energy blockages on all levels of mind, body & Spirit.  This often results in profound and rapid healing.

If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.’– Nikola Tesla

Sound frequency healing has been used by the ancients as a means for both healing and human transformation.

Through the tribal shamans, to the Buddhist monks, all cultures have embraced this modality to alter consciousness, reduce stress, improve health & well being, and to create a deep sense of inner peace.

Sound and resonance healing therapies have been found to have the following health benefits:

  • equalize brain waves
  • increase the depth of breathing
  • slow the heart-beat and pulse
  • lower blood pressure
  • reduce muscle tension
  • increase circulation and endorphin production
  • boost immune function
  • improve memory and learning
  • increase endurance and productivity
  • strengthen digestion
  • decrease depression and more!

It is only now that our top quantum scientists are beginning to understand and quantify this process.

It’s growing success and popularity demonstrates that Sound Healing is quickly becoming an internationally accepted tool to assist in clearing energy blockages in order to transform mind, body & spirit.

We provide sonic massage therapeutic treatments using a range of sound healing instruments including Himalayan bowl, Gong, Tuning forks, Tingsha, Drum & Rattle.

We are also the training provider in Ireland for Earth Sounds© Certified Sonic Massage Practitioner training.

The Science of 432hz Instrument Tuning

A=432 Hz, known as Verdi’s ‘A’ is an alternative tuning that is mathematically consistent with the universe. Music based on 432Hz transmits beneficial healing energy, because it is a pure tone of math fundamental to nature.

The universal music of sacred geometry

According to Brain T. Collins, a musician and researcher, the standard pitch (A=440 Hz) does not harmonize on any level that corresponds to cosmic movement, rhythm, or natural vibration. The greatest musicians, such as Mozart and Verdi, based their music on the natural vibration of A=432. It’s true that it is only 8 vibrations per second different from the standard tuning, but this small difference seems to be remarkable to our human consciousness.

There’s a growing musical and metaphysical movement for recovering optimal integrity in the music industry and spirituality through the 432Hz tuning. In April 2008 Dutch journalist Richard Huisken founded the ‘back to 432 Hz’ committee, claiming that this original tuning was used in ancient cultures and is found on antique instruments like the Stradivarius violin.

The healing benefits

According to Richard Huisken, music tuned to 432 Hz is softer and brighter, giving greater clarity and is easier on the ears. Many people experience more meditative and relaxing states of body and mind when listening to such music. The natural musical pitch of the universe gives a more harmonic and pleasant sound than 440 Hz.

432 Hz seems to work at the heart chakra, “the feeling”, and therefore could have a good influence on the spiritual development of the listener. Some people who are not able to distinguish the 8hz difference claim they can feel the music warmer due to the longer wavelength.

Listen to 432Hz and enjoy living in balance

Because 432 Hz gives a greater clarity than 440 Hz, there’s less need to play it as loud as 440 Hz. This means less hearing damage, as long as you put the volume not too high. Furthermore there’s also less noise pressure. Researchers and musicians, such as Coreen Morsink (pianist and music teacher), report that they feel calmer, happier and more relaxed when playing music at 432Hz.

Music based on this natural tone is more transparent, more marked, gives an obvious musical picture and the overtones and undertones moves more freely. Music based on 440 Hz represents stuffed emotions and blocked energy. By lowering the pitch by just 8 Hz, you became more flexible and spontaneous. The 432 Hz tuning releases your energy and takes you into a beautiful state, where relaxation is natural.

Where does it come from?

According to Ananda Bosman, international researcher and musician, archaic Egyptian instruments that have been unearthed are largely tuned to A=432Hz. Ancient Greeks tuned their instruments predominantly to 432Hz. Within the archaic Greek Eleusenian Mysteries, Orpheus is the god of music, death and rebirth, and was the keeper of the Ambrosia and the music of transformation. His instruments were tuned at 432Hz.

Orpheus playing at in harmony with nature

Guiseppe Verdi, an Italian composer, placed A exactly at 432 Hz. He did this because this tuning is ideal for opera voices. Jamie Buturff, sound researcher, found out that some Tibetan monks used this tuning in their hand-made instruments. He put a CD with Tibetan singing bowls into his player and used a Korg tuner to discover that the bowls were all harmonic to the 432 music scale.

This musical tuning can be found throughout various religions and cultures of the ancient world. It seems that implementing it into the musical instruments was a good choice. Even today, many musicians report positive effects from retuning to 432 Hz, such as better audience response and a more laid-back feel to their performances.

Why the modern world forgot about this tuning

This is because in 1885 it already had been decided that A at 440 Hz had to be the standard tuning. A year earlier, Guiseppe Verdi wrote a letter addressed to the Music Commission of the Italian Government. In the letter he writes:

“Since France has adopted a standard pitch, I advised that the example should also be followed by us; and I formally requested that the orchestras of various cities of Italy, among them that of the Scala [Milan], to lower the tuning fork to conform to the standard French one. If the musical commis­sion instituted by our government believes, for mathematical exigencies, that we should reduce the 435 vibrations of French tuning fork to 432, the difference is so small, almost imper­ceptible to the ear, that I associate myself most willingly with this.” Guiseppe Verdi

Unfortunately, the great composer was unsuccessful in his attempt. The American Federation of Musicians accepted the A440 as the standard pitch in 1917. Around 1940 the United States introduced 440 Hz worldwide, and finally in 1953 it became the ISO 16-standard.

There is a theory that the change from 432Hz to 440Hz was dictated by Nazi propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels. He used it to make people think and feel a certain manner, and to make them a prisoner of a certain consciousness. The Joseph Goebbels theory is certainly interesting, but the true reason of the shift to 440Hz is still not clearly explained.

Before 440Hz became the standard, a variety of tunings were used. The controversy over tuning still rages, with proponents of 432Hz claiming it as being more natural than the current standard. Because of that, the “back to 432Hz” committee wants to get people acquainted with its qualities, and therefore hopes that the industry will change the musician standard.

However, changing the current standard won’t be a simple task, and it’s not because of the influence of any nefarious organization. In my opinion, the reason is more trivial. Most musical instruments can be adjusted in principle, but it’s not so easy for every instrument. For example, most woodwind instruments cannot play in 432Hz because changing the pitch will also change the internal harmonic structure of the whole instrument. The change would require building new instruments.

Let the music of the spheres play inside you

432Hz unites you with the universal harmony

This musical pitch is connected to the numbers used in the construction of a variety of ancient works and sacred places, such as the Great Pyramid of Egypt. It’s also more friendly for your ears. For many people, it is nicer for hearing – softer, brighter and more beautiful than music in 440 Hz.

432Hz is based in nature and therefore it generates healthy effects among the listeners. It brings natural harmony and balance of the 3rd dimension and connects you with a higher consciousness. The pure and clean energy of 432Hz removes mental block and opens a way to a more fulfilling life.

Many ancient instruments are adjusted at 432Hz. It is because the ancients knew that this tone is closely related to the universe around us. Don’t throw away their knowledge. The universal and natural tuning of 432Hz is waiting to be discovered by you.

How to Create Your Meditation Altar

What is an Altar?

A meditation altar is a sacred space for meditation.  It can be as simple as a table upon which rests all of the items you use while meditating. A meditation altar should be placed in an area of the house that is usually quiet and peaceful, even when you are not meditating, such as a bedroom or other room used for tranquil activities. However it can also be placed in a quiet area of your living room, if you feel it would entice you to meditate more often.

The History of Altars

For thousands of years people have been making altars where they live, turning their domestic place into a sacred space.

The ancient altar was the focal point of all Spiritual devotion and aspiration.

3 Simple Steps

  1. Choose the Space.
  • Select a quiet space in your home, one that you will see regularly, to remind you to take time to meditate.
  • Clear the area with incense or a sage stick.
  • Make choosing and cleansing the physical and energetic area a ceremony – this will add to the sacred feel of your space.
  • Choose a small table.  If you do not have a table a cardboard box with fabric over will do just fine until you have a table.
  1. Choose your Sacred Items
  • Select items you feel connected to to place on your altar.
  • My meditation altar contains a tea-lite candle holder, a statue of Buddha which I made in ceramics class 25 years ago, a photograph of Masao Usui, the Reiki four principles, and a selection of my favourite crystals, including clear quartz, Selenite, Calcite, Rose Quartz and Amethyst, my ceremonial rattle, a feather, smudge stick in a small pottery dish half filled with sand, along with my distant healing book.
  • Your altar should feel as if its full of things you are connected with, items which are sacred to you.
  1. Decorate Your Altar
  • Place your items on your Altar and arrange them so that you feel the connection to them.
  • You may also wish to change items or add new items to your Altar from time to time
  • You can change the arrangement of your Altar as often as you feel it’s needed.

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