Earth sounds©

Earth Sounds© is a Divine self-healing
meditation experience for mind, body & Spirit.
Relax in sacred healing space as you are guided through a blend of gentle Pranayma, transformational Guided-meditation designed to calm the mind and reduce stress, followed by a 60-minute live sound healing concert as you are immersed in the profound healing frequencies of large sacred gongs, Himalayan singing bowls, Amazon flute, Ocean drum, Shamanic drum, Rattle, Chimes and other enchanted sound healing instruments as you relax and transcend to the depths of your subconscious mind in a state of deep Theta journey meditation, combined with channelled energy healing for Divine self-healing of mind, body & spirit.   Allowing blockages in your body, mind & spirit to be effortlessly released … cleared away .. leaving you refreshed, revitalised and ready to acheive anything you set your mind to!

Featured Project

PErsonal & Spiritual development workshops with earth sounds©

Sharon has developed her own personal & Spiritual development program, with teachings on each of the Six Principles of Daily LIfe as a path to inner peace, health & happiness which she combines with Earth Sounds© for a complete healing experience to nurture mind, body & spirit.

You will find Sharon conducting her motivational personal & Spiritual development workshops at venues throughout Co.Cork and Co.Kerry where she regularly travels on demand .. teachings include moon wisdom, inner-self meditation, sacred chanting, ohm meditation, positive living, trusting your intuition, discovering your soul purpose,  manifesting your goals and acheiving your true potential .. plus much more ..

“If you wish to know the secrets of the Universe – think in terms of frequency and vibration.” –  Nikola Tesla


Earth Sounds©

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