Nurse Caisse's original herbal blend

Genuine Caisse Herbs (Essiac Tea)


Genuine Caisse Herbs
(Essiac Tea)

  We are suppliers in ireland for
the genuine nurse caisse’s original blend of herbs
also known as essiac tea

We are distributors in Ireland for the genuine Nurse Caisse’s original herbal tea blend, also known as Essiac Tea.   This recipe was handed to me by dear friend and Master Herbalist Judith Hoad from Donegal who was the distributor in Ireland for over 30 years.  This is the recipe given to Judith by Mali Klein, author of the book “Essiac Essentials” which is now out of print.

Judith is now happily semi-retired in her self-suffcient Donegal mountain cottage.

The herbs are:

  • Sheep Sorrel
    (whole plant including root)
  • Burdock Root
  • Turkey Rhubarb (Nurse Caisse’s preferred ingredient as the Indian Rhubard sometimes caused nausea in some patients)
  • Slippery Elm

Due to strict regulations now in force in the EU, we are not permitted to make any medical claims for the therapeutic use of Caisse Herbs (Essiac Tea).  We sell the mix as a herbal tea.

SHEEP SORREL = It is essential that you have the whole plant including the root.  Our mix is the correct and genuine mixture which includes the root and whole plant – beware of imitations which only have the leaves!  It will not be effective.

We can give this advice from Judith Hoad, Master Herbalist.  Essiac Tea does not work on the disease directly.  This is a myth.  Essiac herbs are the most powerful liver cleanse, and assists the body to cleanse accumulated toxins from the liver which allows the immune system to work more effectively and do it’s job at fighting disease.  The human body has an incredible immune system which is well capable of fighting and preventing disease when in perfect health.  Caisse Herbs (Essiac Tea) helps to restore health by cleansing the liver.

We encourage you to do your own research and make up your own mind.  We provide the herbs for your use as a herbal tea.

The herbs we provide are pure organic herbs traceable to the source, obtained from a licensed organic wholesaler in the UK, your guarantee of quality.  We buy the herbs wholesale so we can provide them to you at a non-profit price of just

€14 per 60gram packet plus postage

This is enough to last for up to 6 months if taken according to the recommended dosage.  Full instructions for making up an dosage are included with each packet.

To order your genuine Caisse Herbs (Essiac Tea) posted anywhere in the world please call me on:

+353 (0)858 313 437

Repeat orders only:  Please send me a text if that is easier
and I will get the herbs out to you right away.

If you prefer to save on postage cost please feel free to call in to our clinic shop in Cork City during business hours.  (Phone order is essential to ensure that we have stock)

Sharon Q.