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Our goal for all course participants is for all to be confident and capable on completion of their studies.

We are the authorised training provider in Ireland for the Earth Sounds© method of Sonic Massage / Sound Healing Therapy, Earth Sounds© Yoga Nidra, Inner Self Meditation© (ISM) and Transformational Guided Meditation© (TGM).

We have an inspiring range of general interest, meditation, personal & Spiritual development classes, workshops & practitioner training courses in a range of subjects in the sound healing / sonic massage, bio-field and vibrational therapies including:

Authentic Usui Reiki

We teach the Authentic Usui Reiki System of Healing, as taught by Dr. Mikao Usui himself.  Our lineage comes from India and Japan and is the authentic method.  Discover this wonderful healing method which comes from the Universal Life Force which is all around us. ...

Inner Self Meditation© (ISM©) Teacher Training

We are the authorised training providers in Ireland for Inner Self Meditation© (ISM©) Teacher Training.  Expand your concsiousness and raise your vibration with the miracle of Inner Self Meditation©  Learn to meditate easily like a Guru without the need to sit for...