Tameana Healing

What is Tameana?

By Judith Zavala, One Light Synergy, Mexico

Tameana is a very simple yet extremely efficient emotional and physical healing technique.  Basically what it does is it concentrates a large amount of energy in an area that covers a person with 4th & 5th dimensional vibration. The beauty of this is that anyone can learn Tameana and give healing sessions, even children.

You don’t need any previous knowledge, you don’t need to be a healer, you don’t need to have any special abilities, anyone can do it.  Why?  Because it’s based on the physics of vibration.  It also uses 3 quartz crystal tips as tools, and you can learn this in a 1-day class and then you are ready to go. You are ready to start healing people.

Why is Tameana Good for You?

What Tameana does in our body is that it helps us relieve stress, it helps us remove blockages, and it helps our body’s frequency to become in tune with the Earth’s elctro-magnetic field.  It will raise our awareness, our conscious, our vibration, so that we can see our reality from a different perspective.  It brings great intense internal transformation so we can be in balance with everything that surrounds us.

Where Does Tameana Come From?

This technique was founded by Pleiadian channel Juan Manuel Giordano from Argentina, who also has the Human Vortex project worldwide.  His intention is to anchor these frequencies on the planet by activating these frequencies in people.  It has sort of like a ripple effect – and these frequencies are taken by people where ever they go.  They will take them back home, back to the workplace, where ever they go.

For more information see www.humanvortexproject.com

How Can I Learn Tameana?

Sacred Earth Institute of Sound & Vibrational Healing Sciences in Cork City, Ireland is a Certified Tameana Training Centre, trained by Carmel Diviney (Level 1) and Judith Zavala (Levels 2, 3, 4 and Puja).

Please contact us right now to find out when our next Tameana training is scheduled.